Skånska Dagbladet’s new site, not exactly web 4.0

Medievärlden writes that the Swedish daily Skånska Dagbladet just launched a new site, produced by Acne Creative and Acne Digital. Although the new site has a nice and pleasant feel to it, I have to wonder why a newspaper puts so much work into a new site without implementing almost any web 2.0-esque features. I mean come on, it’s almost 2008.

Forgive me for focusing on the negative sides here, but a few quick comments could be made:

– Readers can’t comment on articles
– The site has several blogs (positive) but you can’t comment on the blog posts
– The site does not show links to blogs that comment (via for example Twingly)
– RSS feeds not available for main content or for blogs
– No social bookmarking features (like “add to”)

And I wouldn’t be surprised if SEO pros have more suggestions for improvement (on URL’s for example).

Instead the site has a brand new sports feature with live scores in 26 languages, including mandarin (!). The irony of it all is that the interactive agency, Acne Digital, which is behind the new site, has “web 4.0” in the heading of their own site.

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