The most retweeted tweet of all time

Yesterday, the NFL reached an agreement with the NFL Referees Association to end an ongoing lockout. Before that agreement was reached, temporary referees were used during the start of the season. But some calls by replacement referees were criticized. After one such questionable decision, Green Bay Packers lost a game on Monday evening, which lead Packers’ guard T.J. Lang to tweet this message.

most retweeted tweet NFL

This tweet has now become one of the most retweeted tweets of all time, currently at close to 100,000 retweets. One older tweet that had thousands of retweets, is the same-sex marriage tweet by Barack Obama that has been retweeted more than 61,000 times. (Update: I forgot about Justin Bieber. Never forget Bieber. As you see below, one of his tweets has 120k RTs).

Twitter BarackObama tweet

However, the tweet that is still the most retweeted is this one by Justin Bieber with 120,000 retweets (found via Buzzfeed):


Invites to Facebook mail probably fake

Twitter is currently buzzing about invites to Facebook Messages. Many people want to be among the first to try out the new mail that was announced by Facebook yesterday so when they see that you can get one of 100,000 invites by just retweeting a message, of course many take the chance.

The problem is that this is most probably completely fake. Why? Well, first of all, we’ve seen it before. When people were desperate to get an invite to Google Wave, they got tricked into retweeting the message“RT @waveinvite Just requested my Google Wave Invite! Get yours at” which was fake. The link went to a site that contained material that was NSFW.

Second, how are they going to send an invite to someone who just retweeted a message, when they are not following you back? I don’t get that. And third, there are two different accounts pulling the same almost identical stunt, @fb_com and @FBeMail. Do you really think Facebook would communicate this way, using accounts that were just created? I don’t. So once again, think before you retweet something. It may not be true.

“100,000+ Advanced Invites to Facebook mail Available. Follow @fb_com and ReTweet for invite #facebook #facebookinvites #facebookemail

Invite Facebook mail

“Advanced Invites to Facebook mail Available. Follow @FBeMail and RT for invite #facebook #facebookinvites #facebookemail

Facebook mail invites

You can apply for an invite on the Messages page inside Facebook. And if you want to see what it looks like when you get the invititation, Jeremiah Owyang has a screen shot on Flickr.

Think before you retweet

It has become a standard practice to promote new cool online services by sending out invites to a lucky few users. They in turn get to invite some more and soon you’ve created a buzz online with people who are desperate to be on the bleeding edge, doing whatever it takes to get an invite. The latest craze concerns Google Wave (no, I have not been invited yet). Everyone in my Twitter stream seems to be screaming after invites to the degree that they’ve lost all sense of judgement.

On Oct 1st I tweeted “I’m just waiting for someone to use this invite craze for spam purposes #invitefatigue” and I didn’t have to wait long. There are hundreds of people currently retweeting this information:

“RT @waveinvite Just requested my Google Wave Invite! Get yours at”

The problem is that the site contains adult material and does not hand out Google Wave invites at all. In fact, the site states that it has 293 invites to give out, but that has been the case all day.

It’s amazing how many people that let themselves be fooled by this (and I admit I retweeted a similar post earlier, not this one however). The link to is currently the most retweeted link on Twitter. According to Tweetmeme, the item has been retweeted as many as 2789 times, and counting.


How did you suppose that you would be sent these invites in the first place when you did not supply any email address? As users of sites like Twitter, we need to be a little more suspicious to schemes like this or we run the risk of actually spreading some seriously bad stuff. The next time you see some get rich quick scheme on Twitter, please take a moment to check it out before you retweet. Do a Google search on the story, check how many others that are tweeting. Maybe you will save yourself the embarrasement of tweeting links to adult sites.

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