Dagens Nyheter censors article about Peter Borgström

Journalist Oivvio Polite today wrote a story about Bloggforum that took place on Monday night. It was published in Dagens Nyheter’s culture section, the very one that Peter Borgström wrote for. He was critized earlier this year by Stockholm Spectator for plagiarizing articles from the New York Times.

When Polite wrote his article, it contained a sentence about Borgström, but DN deleted that sentence without informing Polite. The sentence is in the middle of the article, so it cannot have been taken off because of lack of space.

His original text, published on his own webpage:

“What have for example all non-blogging journalist got to hide? A lot, if you should believe the blogger that revealed that DN journalist Peter Borgström had been borrowing a bit too much from the New York Times.

In Swedish:

“Vad har till exempel alla ickebloggande journalister att dölja? En hel, om man skall tro bloggaren som avslöjade att DN-journalisten Peter Borgström lånat lite väl flitigt ur New York Times.

The last sentence, in italics, had been erased by DN. The entire article is available on Polite’s webpage in Swedish.

Link via Gustav Holmberg.

UPDATE: DN answers to critisism in Journalisten.