David Sifry’s new venture: Offbeat Guides

david sifry offbeat guides David Sifry, founder of blog search engine Technorati, today officially launched his new venture Offbeat Guides at SIME in Stockholm.

When he went on a trip to Dailian, China, he didn’t find a travel guide that covered this “tiny” city (about 6-7 million inhabitants) in more than a page or two. So he got the idea to create a company that sells travel guides for all the destinations that today are not covered in such publications.

Offbeat Guides produces up to date travel guides that also use personal photos published under a Creative Commons license. The guides are customizable so that it contains only the information you are interested in and you can choose what pages you want included. Then you can order the guide as a book (USD 24.95) or as a downloadable pdf (USD 9.95).

The site is currently in public beta.

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