“Expressen-blogger” used to be an invective

I’ve been away for a week of alpine skiing and I’m ready to pick up the blog again. Here are a few things worth mentioning from the last week.

Blog Buzz Helps Companies Catch Trends in the Making. [Via Marcus]

“By trawling in cyberspace, ConAgra sensed that consumer interest in portable snack foods is growing as people’s schedules get busier, the kind of intelligence that helps guide expensive decisions on research and development of new products.”

– Jay Rosen has a new project called Blue Plate Special. In the first issue he and a group of students have studied the Best Blogging Newspapers in the U.S. Top six are:

1. Houston Chronicle (128 points)
2. Washington Post (69 points)
3. USA Today (38 points, 1 honorable mention)
4. St. Petersburg Times (29 points, 2 honorable mention)
5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution (23 points)
6. San Antonio Express-News (22 points, 1 honorable mention)

– Readers have started 700 blogs just a few days after Expressen launched its blog service. It’s interesting to see that some established bloggers have launched mirror blogs on Expressen.se just to increase traffic to the “real blog”. What happened to the tabloids-are-evil standpoint? (And remember in 2005 when Expressen-blogger was an invective?)

Global PR Blog Week 1.0

I will represent Sweden in the Global PR Blog Week which is coming closer and closer. Yesterday an official press release was distributed to promote the event.

Weeklong Online Conference Featuring Some of the World’s Most Influential Public Relations, Marketing and Business Bloggers set for July 12-16, 2004

Live & Interactive Global PR Blog Week Event Opens at


NEW YORK, June 21 /PRNewswire/ —

WHO: Twenty-eight influential public relations, marketing and business bloggers from around the globe will participate in Global PR Blog Week 1.0.

WHAT: Spearheading Global PR Blog Week 1.0 is Australian Trevor Cook and Romanian Constantin Basturea, who, along with 26 other PR bloggers and marketing practitioners, will assemble remotely across the globe (including Australia, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, UK and the U.S.) to discuss many facets of blogging and communications.

The event is split into five topic sections including: PR in the Age of Participatory Journalism, Corporate Blogging, Making PR Work: Creativity & Strategy, Crisis Management and The State of the PR Profession.

Global PR Blog Week will be open to everybody — for asking questions, making comments and participating in the discussion through the event’s weblog.

WHEN: The event takes place during the entire week of July 12th – July 16th 2004.

WHERE: On the Internet. Information and a schedule are available on http://www.thenewpr.com. The actual event will take place on the Global PR Blog Week weblog that will be available at http://www.globalprblogweek.com starting June 28.

WHY: To teach businesses about the interactive communications value of blogging and to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the confluence of public relations and technology. The event will look also into the impact of participatory journalism and personal publishing on the PR practice.

“We want to showcase blogging to help our colleagues and clients understand the value of blogging as a fast, low cost and highly-effective publishing, marketing and content management tool,” said Cook, director of the Sydney-based public relations firm Jackson Wells Morris. “With top blogs reaching millions of people daily, and directly influencing journalists and decision-makers, thousands of whom also blog, it is time for blogging to be taken seriously in the marketing mix.”

BLOG DEFINITION AND IMPACT: A blog is an Internet publishing tool that allows users with no technical or programming skills to write about a topic and publish to the World Wide Web inexpensively, instantly, and easily. Most current estimates find 3 million blogs amongst an online community of 729.2 million global Internet users, according to Global Reach. Top blogs have readership in the millions, and many have begun to attract mainstream advertisers.

ITINERARY: The schedule for Global PR Blog Week 1.0 is as follows:

MONDAY 12 JULY — PR in the Age of Participatory Journalism

* Trevor Cook (Corporate Engagement http://trevorcook.typepad.com/weblog/)

* Dan Forbush (ProfNet, Media Insider http://www.mediainsider.com) –

Blogs, Wikis and Expert Networks

* Ryan May (Minnesota Public Relations Blog http://www.mnpr.blogspot.com)

* Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion http://steverubel.typepad.com)

interviewing Jay Rosen, Chair, New York University Department of

Journalism, author of the Pressthink weblog

TUESDAY 13 JULY — Corporate Blogging

* John Cass (PR Communications http://pr.typepad.com/pr_communications/)

* Trevor Cook (Corporate Engagement http://trevorcook.typepad.com/weblog/)

will interview Robert Scoble on corporate blogging

* Wayne Hurlbert (Blog Business World


* Hans Kullin (Media Culpa http://www.kullin.net)

* John Mudd (Inside Real Estate Journal

http://insiderealestatejournal.blogspot.com) – How blogs can increase

your sales, help you influence the news and make you an overnight expert

in your field

* Todd Sattersten (A Penny For http://www.apennyfor.com)

* Trudy Schuett (WOLves http://wolves.typepad.com/wolves/) – How Business,

Governments and Non-profits can use blogs to communicate with the public

* Roland Tanglao (Streamline http://www.streamlinewebco.com/blog/)

* Jeremy Wright (Ensight http://www.ensight.org)

* Philip Young (Mediations http://publicsphere.typepad.com/mediations/) –

Ethics in PR

WEDNESDAY 14 JULY — Making PR Work: Creativity and Strategy

* Elizabeth Albrycht (CorporatePR

http://ringblog.typepad.com/corporatepr/) – Corporate PR – Pragmatic PR

strategies for community building

* Angelo Fernando (Hoi Polloi http://hoipolloi.typepad.com) – Impact of

blogs on PR and Marcomms

* Bernard Goldbach (Irish Eyes http://irish.typepad.com) – Promoting

client messages through blogs

* Alice Marshall (Technoflak http://technoflak.blogspot.com) – Media

relations issues – including pitching small businesses to editors

* Mike Manuel (Media Guerrilla

http://mmanuel.typepad.com/media_guerrilla/) – Micro media measurement

* B.L. Ochman (What’s Next Blog http://www.whatsnextblog.com) – Examples

of smart blog use in PR and marketing campaigns and sites that cry out

for blogs

* Anthony V Parcero, (eKetchum Digital Media Group

http://www.eketchum.com) – Developing interactive PR strategies

THURSDAY 15 JULY — Crisis Management

* John Cass (PR Communications http://pr.typepad.com/pr_communications/)

* Kevin Dugan (Strategic PR http://prblog.typepad.com) – On the Martha

Stewart case

* Jim Horton (Online PR http://online-pr.blogspot.com)

* Colin McKay (Canuckflack http://www.canuckflack.com)

* Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion http://steverubel.typepad.com)

interviewing Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News and author of the

forthcoming book We the Media

FRIDAY 16 JULY — The State of the PR Profession

* Richard Bailey (PR Studies http://prstudies.typepad.com/weblog)

* Constantin Basturea (PR meets the WWW http://weblog.basturea.com)

* Robb Hecht (PR Machine http://prmachine.blogspot.com)

* Montag (World of Spin http://worldofspin.blogspot.com) – PR needs a

crisis communication plan

* B.L. Ochman (What’s Next Blog http://www.whatsnextblog.com) – The PR

Lessons of Bit*hing About Blogging

* Tom Murphy (PR Opinions http://www.natterjackpr.com)

Global PR Blog Week was announced and formulated on The New PR Wiki, a collaboration space for professionals interested in the practice of public relations, hosted at http://www.thenewpr.com. (Wiki is server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.)