Japanese clothing brand trending on Twitter

The Japanese retail clothing chain Uniqlo is currently the most tweeted topic on Twitter, thanks to a creative promotion campaign for their 26th anniversary. On Uniqlo’s site users can add their Twitter user name in order to win special gifts. Each participant gets a unique number in a virtual line and has the chance to win based on their Lucky Line Quene Number.

As soon as a person joins the competition, he or she also tweets the line “UNIQLO LUCKY LINEに行列なう。” and their queue number. Currently there are hundreds of tweets per minute and the total amount is currently close to 39,000, and growing very rapidly.

uniqlo lucky line

Not all commenters are positive to the flood of tweets. Some compare it to spam.

More details on Whatthetrend.com.


Update: The volume of tweets is quite extraordinary. The time from tweet #6 to #50,000 is about one day. (haven’t been able to locate tweet #1).