Isreali Consulate holds press conference on Twitter

In the midst of the terrible crisis in the Gaza Strip, the Isreali Consulate in New York takes an unusual step. Today, from 1-3 PM EST, David Saranga, Consul of Media and Public Affairs in New York will host a so called “Citizens’ Press Conference” on Twitter where he will be answering questions about the current events in Gaza and Israel.

The Consulate encourages people to submit questions via a Twitter account that was opened up yesterday, where answers will also be published. Longer answers are to be published on the Consulate’s blog. Considering the extremely infected situation in Gaza, it might be interesting to see how the Consulate will handle really tough questions and negative comments.

It seems that there is also at least one hashtag that can be used to point questions to, for example #AskIsrael. The #gaza tag is a general hashtag for the crisis and it is currently the top tag on Twitter.

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