Instagram now growing faster than Flickr

Three days ago I took a look at how many new photos users added on Instagram each day. By looking at the ID numbers of the photos I calculated that Instagram had now reached beyond 500 million photos and that about 4.5 million new photos were uploaded per day. Then I found a blog post from Instagram that summarized last year and in the post it says that at the end of 2011, 400 million photos had been shared in total on Instagram. This confirms that my calculations were pretty accurate (the 400 millionth photo was uploaded on Dec 7, 2011).

If we look at the volume of photos during January 2012, users added approximately 4.5 million photos each day to Instagram. This seems to be confirmed by the statistics from Instagram, that says that the average number of photos uploaded per second at the end of 2011 is 60, or about 5.2 million per day.

Steady growth for Flickr
Now, if we look at the growth of Flickr, it seems that it continues to grow at about the same speed as it has been doing for the last couple of years. Official figures from Yahoo claim that users upload about 4.5 million photos per day to Flickr. But in reality, I believe it is slightly lower than 4.5 million. The 6 billionth photo was uploaded on August 1, 2011. Today, there are 6.7 billion photos on Flickr, which means that on average during the last 5 and a half months, users have uploaded 4.2 million photos per day to Flickr (724 million photos in 172 days).

In other words, Instagram is now growing faster than Flickr. Between 4.5 and 5.2 million per day for Instagram, compared to 4.2-4.5 on Flickr.

Here are two graphs describing the development and you can follow the links below for more stats and links to different milestones.

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Instagram may reach 1 billion photos in April


Steady growth for Flickr as it reaches 6 billion photos

Instagram may reach 1 billion photos in April

Instagram, one of my favourite apps, is growing like crazy. In September last year, I noted that users had uploaded 200 million photos, which meant that the growth rate in August was about 50 million photos per month. Now, it seems that users are adding the same number in just 11 days.

According to my calculations, Instagram passed 500 million photos on Jan 2, 2012 and 550 million on Jan 13. That means that 4.5 million photos are uploaded each day to Instagram and at that speed 1 billion photos will be reached about April 20, or possibly sooner if the service continues to add new users.

If you want to check the dates of the different milestone photos used in the graph above, follow the links below:

07-16-2010: 2

11-19.2010: 5000001

02-09-2011: 25000002

04-09-2011: 50000000

19-06-2011: 100000000

02-09-2011: 200000000

29-10-2011: 300000001

07-12-2011: 400000000

02-01-2012: 500000000

08-01-2012: 525000000

13-01-2012: 550000000

Some even numbers are not available, I suspect because they are private (or have been deleted). The ID’s of the milestones have been recovered by using Statigram and There’s no guarantee that the ID numbers from theses sites are an accurate reflection of the total volume, but previously this way of counting has proven to be quite accurate.

Footnote: I’m @kullin on Instagram.

How to create a Twitter background image from your Instagram photos

Yesterday I posted my 200th photo on the photo sharing app Instagram. I have become slightly addicted to Instagram and enjoy sharing photos that I adjust with different photo filters, as well as looking at the amazing images published by other users. Now, there’s an easy way to create a background image for your Twitter account, either from your own Instagram photos, or from other people’s photos. Just go to and authorize the app. Then you can create an image from your own feed, from another user’s ID, a category or a tag.

You can choose size of the photos, order them by date, popularity or random order, and it is even possible to let the app auto-update the image daily with the latest Instagram photos of your choice. From what I can see, InstaBG takes the 48 latest photos from the stream you have chosen.

I added my photos to my Twitter account. The only problem I had was that it was not possible to upload a background image that was as large as 2.006 pixels wide so I saved it to my computer, then scaled it down to about 1.500 pixels wide and uploaded it manually, which was ok. If you also experience this problem I assume that the auto-update feature will not work properly.

Update: It seems that some are having trouble uploading the image via InstaBG (probably the image is too wide). But it is quite easy to save it to your computer, scale it down to about 1.500 pixels and then upload it yourself via

twitter background instagram photos

Instagram now has 10 million users

It took Instagram, the popular photo app, less than one month to add that last million users to reach 10 million members. Instagram wrote in a blog post just a few hours ago:

“Last October, we launched Instagram live in the App Store. Today, less than one year later, we’re happy to announce that the Instagram community now consists of over 10 million registered users.”

Account number 10 million is “homer123” (view on Statigram) but it has not posted any photos yet. Since account number 1 and 2 are missing (first working account is Kevin Systrom at #3), you might say that the 10 millionth account is 10,000,002: “dinbeebis” (possibly Swedish?).

Instagram is also close to reaching a quarter of a billion hosted photos since photo number 240 million was uploaded this morning:

Hat tip to I am “kullin” on Instagram.

Instagram now has 9 million users

The popular photo app Instagram is growing rapidly. As I blogged this weekend, it now hosts more than 200 million photos and it continues to grow. Instagram has also just passed another milstone since it now has more than 9 million members (today, even more than 9.1 million). In June it had 5 million members, as reported by TechCrunch, which means that it has added an additional 4 million in less than three months.

instagram logo Account number 9 million is “taylorswift13” and details about it can be found on Statigram or Inkstagram. The first account on Instagram which is not private is number 3, and it belongs to its CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom (“kevin”). His account can be found here and here.

If you want to follow me, I’m “kullin” on Instagram, details here.

Did Instagram just pass 200 million photos?

So, here’s an idea. In the beginning of August, TechCrunch and others reported that Instagram had reached 150 million hosted photos. They actually even posted the 150 millionth photo that was taken by the user “janefot”. There is no way from the URL of each photo to determine what number it has. But one intersting thing happens when you check each URL using the site Inkstagram.

The 150 millionth photo actually has the following unique web address on Inkstagram: (Update: Inkstagram is now so the correct URL is now ) Sounds like that number would be pretty accurate to the confirmed numbers by Instagram, right?

So when I look at my recently uploaded photos, I see that we today have passed 200 million photos, if these numbers are correct.

That would also mean that the 200 millionth photo is the one below, by user “tomvandenbogaerde”. According to the Inkstagram site, it was uploaded today, three hours ago. (new URL: )

What do you think? Can this be true?

Update: A fact that would support my theory above is that the photo with the serial number #2 on Inkstagram, is this one by Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, who in a comment confirms that this is the first photo ever on Instagram: (new URL: ) Number 1 seems to be missing, but still, it seems that Inkstagram have been able to track all photos and number them in sequence as they were published.

And as is mentioned in the comments below, it may be that we should count photo number 200,000,003 as the 200 millionth. That photo however seems to be private, or at least we are not able to view it: