Using social media to promote handball

In February 2007 I registered the domain which is the Swedish translation of “social media”. Back then, the term was fairly new, but today there are literally thousands of self proclaimed social media experts out there, giving advice about how to be successful on blogs, Twitter or Facebook. It has come to the point where “social media guru” is almost seen as an invective.

So if you can’t stand to hear one more social media evangelist tell you about how they will end starvation and bring world peace through social media, instead you might want to read this blog post from a newbie who just recently discovered the benefits of social networking. Dominique Dumont is the USA Team Handball’s East Regional Director and she blogged yesterday about her experience with primarily Facebook and how she “discovered the holly grail of social media”.

“We promote the use of [Facebook], why, because the biggest problem in developing our sport is getting people together, communicating and getting organized. Facebook allows this in one swoop and it allows for unlimited growth. Not four physical walls of course, but a forum to meet each other, share ideas and plans of action on the subject in common. Once athletes participate in this multi-directional forum, they quickly gain momentum. “

It’s really a good story about a skeptic that turned into a convinced user. I encourage you to read the entire post. Dumont concludes:

“One day forced to use social media, and another, proud to see how useful it can be for all of us.”