Gangnam Style by PSY just reached 1 billion views

Seoul sensation PSY and his viral mega-hit Gangnam Style just reached 1 billion views on Youtube. That is the first time in history that a piece of visual content reaches that many views.

The K-pop video was uploaded on July 15 and quickly reached an international mass audience. It only took 51 days for the video to reach 100 million views, 5 days faster than Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, which took 56 days to reach that many views. “Baby” is currently the second most viewed video on Youtube with 813 million views.

If everyone that viewed the 4 min 13 seconds long video watched it to the end (which of course some didn’t) that would mean that we’ve spent 253 billion seconds on Gangnam Style, or 8,022 years.

If watched in sequence, you would have to start in the year 6010 BC and watch every single minute up til today to rack up the total time the video has been watched.