More trust in business than in government says Trust Barometer

The international PR agency Edelman today released their ninth Trust Barometer which showed that the respondents (3,100 representatives of the “opinion elite” – college-educated, wealthy, well-informed individuals in 18 countries) have more trust in business than in government, in 14 out of those 18 countries.

“Global companies headquartered in Sweden, Germany, and Canada are the most trusted; companies headquartered in China, Mexico, and Russia are on the bottom of the list”, the press release says.

The entire study will be presented at the World Economic Forum that opens on Wednesday in Davos. Another interesting finding is that “a person like myself” is the most trusted source for information (58% trust “me”, slightly above financial/industry analysts at 57%, academics at 56% and healthcare specialists at 55%). Respondents also have more trust in a regular emplyoee than in the company CEO.

If you bear with me for a few more days I will give you the views of Swedish bloggers on the same topic. In my BlogSweden3/BloggSverige3 survey of 1,000 Swedish blog readers I also asked who they trust most as a spokesperson for a company. I am soon done with the report, so stay tuned.

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