Dagens Industri launches blog

Sweden’s leading business daily Dagens Industri will launch a new business magazine called Diego, with a first issue due in November. But as of yesterday, Diego is already equipped with a blog at www.diego.se. Worth noting is that the blog has both comments, RSS and trackbacks. The latter is previously unheard of among Swedish media blogs [Edit: Sydsvenskan’s blog has trackbacks].

Another unusual feature is that all URLs (for comments, RSS, trackbacks etc) are under the domain www.jefferyedling.se, which belongs to the communications agency that produced the blog. This is probably not wise. Any business that launches a venture like this would be much better off owning all the feeds under its own domain. What if the blog is a success with hundreds or thousands of subscribers, and then they find out they don’t want to use the agency anymore, or the agency goes bust. Then Dagens Industri will be forced to change URLs and lose much of its subscribers in the process.

Apart from that little remark, the initiative looks very promising.

Via Jeffery och Edling.

Update: The feeds have now been changed to a new domain. Example, RSS: http://www.diegofeed.se/?feed=rss2