Bloglines folders reveal knitting image

Chris McEvoy has performed an analysis of people’s RSS subscriptions and found some interesting stuff. He has searched 16,121 Bloglines users with more than ten public subscriptions and compiled a list of the most popular folder names people use. Apparently bloggers are really into knitting (at #37 and #70).

Top five are:
1. Blogs
2. News
3. Tech
4. Technology
5. People

Here’s the full list: Bloglines Top 100 Folder Names. This page also contains a graph that compares the number of subscriptions with number of folders.

Over at his blog Confusability, McEvoy has published the stats in an Excel spreadsheet with the data from all the subscribers, including some well known PR and communications bloggers like Elizabeth Albrycht and Darren Barefoot ( I assume) in places 365 and 344 respectively. I’m not in the list because I realized I hadn’t made my subscriptions public, until now. There are several subscribers with more than 400 subscriptions and the question McEvoy asks – how many RSS feeds can one person consume – is highly relevant. I currently have 334 subscriptions but about 70-80 are different media feeds that I rarely read. I keep them mainly to study the development of feeds from MSM. Somehow I feel I’ve reached a limit and I have started to unsubscribe to some feeds when I add new ones.

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