Delicious auto-saves your links before you hit “Save”

There have been some problems with the new Delicious site after it was relaunched the other week. One thing I discovered today is that when you use the Delicious bookmarklet to save links, it automatically saves all links as soon as you click the bookmarklet, i.e. as soon as the pop-up window opens. Take a look at this short screencast to see how it works.

It shows you my collection of Delicious bookmarks. Then I go to an article that I wish to save on Delicious. I click the “save on delicious” bookmarklet and the pop-up window immediately says that the link is saved. I didn’t click on Save, so the link is saved without tags and in my case automatically tweeted to my 3,000+ followers. As you may see in the video, although the box “this link is private” is ticked, the link is saved as Public.

When you save a link directly on, it is also saved automatically before you hit the Save button (and are able to add tags), but at least there you are able to choose Private mode before it is saved to the site.

I use Delicious every day and for a number of reasons, many of the links that I save are not meant to be public. I hope Delicious/AVOS will fix this problem soon.