Infographic: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney on Twitter

The 2012 U.S. presidential election is a tight race with both candidates getting about the same amount of votes in recent election polls. During the election race, social media has played a very important role. Here is a quick infographic outlining the Twitter battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Obama has ten times as many followers but Romney has more mentions per tweet.

Click on the image for a larger version or here for a pdf.

infographic Obama vs Romney Twitter

5 thoughts on “Infographic: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney on Twitter”

  1. The problem with simplified infographics like these are that some of the measurements are moot points. LIke “mentions per tweet” – doesn’t really say anything, unless you know the sentiment of those tweets. I mention @mittromney sometimes, but so far it hasn’t been helpful for him. And if a majority of the mentions are like me, then Romney is a loser in the “mentions per tweet” category.

  2. That’s a valid point. That type of analysis just isn’t possible with simple (free) tools like these, but it would be interesting to know, I agree.

  3. mentions per tweet can be a false metric: you can spam some keywords on tweeter, backlinking some websites. Nothing like those old phone surveys to really assess what you need.

  4. Hello Micke,

    That’s right, you can’t evaluate the intention of the tweet! The only thing you can say is ” everybody talks more about Romney than Obama”. You don’t know if they talk good or bad things! But that is a good metric…has someone told me once: “the important is that people talk about you, no matter if they’re talking good things or bad things” 🙂

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