Cinemagram – an Instagram for animated images

Popular photo app Instagram does many things really well, but one thing it does not handle is the ability to upload and share videos. Enter Cinemagram, a social networking app for sharing short videos that are actually made into animated GIFs. It includes Instagram-like features such as the ability to add filters to your videos, but the twist with Cinemagram is that each video can be edited so that only a portion of the frame is animated and the rest is in form of a still shot. The effects can be hilarious.

The app is fairly new and was initially $1.99 in Appstore, but it is currently free. It is too soon to tell if this app will become successful, but one thing I noticed immediately is that creative uploads have the possibility to get a lot of attention. I had only just downloaded the app and had almost no followers, still my third video has got almost 500 likes during the first 24 hours since upload. You can see it below. The quality is quite poor but it looks a lot better on the iPhone.

60 m

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One of the reasons that content may “go viral” within the app is that each time you “like” a video, it is re-posted by you in the app, sort of like a retweet on Twitter, so the content gets a lot of exposure. On top of that the videos with the most likes are displayed in one of the tabs in the app.

Cinemagram doesn’t have a very good web presence, but if you manage to find your profile page and/or the page of one of your animated images, you can find the embed code so that you can paste it easily to your blog for example. The page for the image above is: and my “profile page” is here:

Check out and download Cinemagram here.

3 thoughts on “Cinemagram – an Instagram for animated images”

  1. How did you find out what you profile page was – or the url of the image for that matter? I am strongly with how to share the gifs outside the app, or twitter/FB.

  2. Bo, either you can search for it on Google or you can do like this. Press on the share icon on one of your images on Cinemagram. Choose “tweet” to share it on Twitter. You don’t actually have to tweet it, but when you do, you can see the url of the image/video in this format:

    By adding the letters OG to the url you get a new version (don’t asky me why, it just works):

    There you see your username, in my case “kullin”. Click on that link to find your profile page.

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