How to publish your Delicious links on Twitter

Social bookmarking site Delicious was recently bought by AVOS, a company owned by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. A new version of Delicious was launched a few days ago and it includes a new sleek design and new features such as the ability to create “stacks”, a form of curated bundle of links within any topic.

But other features have either disappeared or requires some tweaking to continue to work (for example, I have not been able to get my iPhone/Safari bookmarklet to work so I am having trouble saving bookmarks on my phone). One feature that I have been using is to publish or share my saved (public) bookmarks on Twitter. I have used and the old RSS feed that I used was this:

This no longer works so I need to find the updated RSS feed. You can find it under your profile image on your Delicious page.

New Delicios RSS

The new RSS feed is (basically the only difference is the addition of /vs/ ) and yours will look the same, just replace “kullin” with your username.

To publish your links on Twitter, register with and create a new feed. Paste the RSS link and then tick the box for making the feed active (you can do this later if you want to try first).

Then go to advanced settings. There you choose posting frequency, titles etc and you can also add a prefix/suffix to the tweet to explain to your followers that this link is from Delicious. The last step is to choose what networks to publish the feed on, for example Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Connect with your Twitter account and you are done.

New Delicious offers a wide range of RSS feeds and if you want to subscribe to friends, other users, topics or keywords you can create your own tailored feed and then paste it into an RSS reader like Google Reader. These feeds can be found here.