How to brand your tweets with TweetBrand

Every tweet you post on Twitter comes with a line that states what time it was published and what application you used to tweet (TweetDeck, Tweetie etc, or the Twitter site). Now there is a free application that lets you hack this line and brand it with your own information. With TweetBrand you can brand your tweets with the name of your company, your blog or whatever you want it to say. And not only that, you can link it directly to any landing page you choose.

I tried TweetBrand and it seems to work perfectly (so far). The tweet below is branded with the name of my blog (Media Culpa) and has a link to the blog.


You can name your “application” anything, as long as no-one else has taken that name. Once your app is installed and you have downloaded the software, you get this little screen to tweet from. You may use it to run several Twitter accounts, which I guess is pretty neat.


Although this is a cool app, I don’t see myself using it very frequently, but I will continue to experiment with it and see if it drives any traffic to my blog.

According to Tammy from TweetBrand, this is just the free “lite” version and a main service will be launched soon with more functionality.

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