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I am quite sceptical when it comes to celebrities and social media. I always assume that something is fake until I find a credible source that tells me otherwise. But when I stumbled upon Swedish football striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Twitter, I got a little curious. He hasn’t been very active online and to my knowledge he still doesn’t have an official webpage, so Zlatan being on Twitter would be somewhat ground breaking.

A first glance at @zlatans_official does indeed include som information that could indicate that this is in fact the real Zlatan twittering. For example, he has some mobile photos of himself with fans and a person that is supposed to be his brother. But when we look at the photos he has been posting, we see one that is taken from his house in Cernobbio, Italy:

May 24th: “dekorating my new house in Cernobbio Italy. Watch the view from casa del zlatan!! http://yfrog.com/5jjyvj

But the very same photo can be found here, and along with several other photos it comes from the press and photo agency Stella Pictures. If Zlatan would be tweeting photos from his house, why would be be posting photos that belong to a photo agency and not just snap a picture with his mobile? No, I think we can safely say that this story has been debunked. Zlatan is not on Twitter.

Updated: This tweet says that Zlatan is eating pizza with his brother in downtown Milan, but the photo it is taken from a Swedish tv documentary, and shows Zlatan having pizza with his younger brother in Malmö. See about 4.54 into this YouTube video. (Via Luna in the comments to this post)

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