Few use multimedia in online press releases

The Society for New Communications Research has published the results (see pdf) of a survey of the ROI of Online Press Releases. The survey is based on 423 responses from marketing professionals, PR professionals and small business owners.

Respondents said that both traditional media and new media/bloggers were the top two most important audiences they hoped to reach with their online press releases (given 4.16 and 3.88 on a 1-5 scale, respectively).

The survey also showed that very few respondents used social media release formats (26.3 percent) and even fewer reported adding video (12.8 percent) or audio (9 percent) enhancements. Of all multimedia elements, photos were the most popular, used in online press releases by 49.5 percent of respondents. However, as more and more social media release services are launched I am sure that more businesses and organizations will start adding multimedia content to their press releases when it adds value.

Via In Front Of Your Nose.

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