Norwegian journalist taken off the air because of blog post

It’s not a good week for bloggers. Yesterday we could read about the Swedish woman who got fired from her job for blogging (although the CEO of the company said that other factors also led to the decision). Today I read in that a Norwegian journalist Trine Grung lost her job as host of the tv show “Bli ny: Mor og datter” because she criticized a colleague, Elin Tvedt, on her blog.

– She has been taken off the project, but her contract is still running, says Program Director Eivind Landsverk of TVNorge.

I really don’t have an opinion if that reaction from TVNorge was too hard or not, but Heidi Nordby Lunde, aka VamPus, says it well:

– The blog is not a private conversation, and you must face the consequences of that. [my translation]

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