Five bloggers blog about finding a job

Arbetsförmedlingen Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, today launched Jobbsökarna (“Job Seekers”), a blog project where they recruited unemployed people by sending out SMS. Five people have been selected among the 1,400 applications and these bloggers will share their thoughts and views about the process of getting a job. As soon as one of the bloggers get a job, he or she will be replaced by a new blogger. It’s a fun and creative initiative but I wish that they would have included “must have” blog features like permalinks, RSS and so on. Comments are not available either. One of the goals for the initiative is to share and distribute information about seeking jobs in new ways, between people without middlemen, so it is a bit unfortunate that they don’t use all the sharing tools that normally comes with a blog. There is very little interactivity on the site. You can however send a tip to the blogger about a new job.

Photo: Magnus Pehrsson (Arbetsförmedlingen)

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