Blogger pulls critical post

Update 27 June: Maybe we can put conspiracy theories aside? The post is now back up again, as critical as before.

Update 2: Urban explains why he pulled the post and why he decided to put it back up again. (Request came from a member of the board of Polar, but he put it back up in the name of free speech. This guy is my new hero!]

Yesterday I blogged about how the stock of C2SAT dropped 16% after a negative blog post on the Fiskeb├ąten Polar blog. Now it seems that the blog post has been deleted. It will be very interesting to see where this leads. At the moment we don’t know if the company is pressuring the blogger or if he just feels that he stepped over the line. Should this be due to demands from C2SAT it may very well be a bad idea because the thing doesn’t go away (I have the entire post saved in my RSS reader for example), but again, we don’t know that right now. However, since the company is listed, the discussion will continue on forums and other blogs.

An interesting aspect to the story is that the blogger Urban Bryngeld already in March 2008 wrote that he was threatened with legal sanctions by Furuno, a marine electronics manufacturer, due to comments he made on his blog regarding Furuno products and employees.

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