DagensPS to add Twingly and host blogs in redesign

Media Culpa can reveal that the Swedish business online publication DagensPS is planning to introduce blog links via Twingly and social bookmarking features in a new redesign. That’s the conclusion after we got access to two versions of the site at dagensps.se. The new site design, which was labelled “DEMO” just a few days ago, is not yet launched. It has a much simpler feel to it with less (and fewer) colours and lighter fonts. For example are serifs introduced for the largest headlines instead of sans-serifs.

The current design below:


The demo design below includes such features as “sharing”, i.e. you can save and share articles via the social bookmarking sites Digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, Pusha, del.icio.us, Ma.gnolia and of course via Facebook.


The new site will also link to blog posts via the Twingly service (DagensPS is not listed yet as a partner of Twingly).


Under “Services” the site is set to include for example a blog hosting service (“create a blog”).


The redesign does not seem to be ready for launch just yet since articles with the old fonts appear further down on the pages. But by the look of it the site will make better use of social media tools and have a more appealing design. Definitely a step into web 2.0.

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