Social media drives traffic to Electrolux

The Swedish based global kitchen appliance company Electrolux is more and more looking like the local leader when it comes to corporate use of social media. And maybe it can be the 800-pound gorilla that is needed to get more businesses to try out this space. The company has a social media news room, a presence in Second Life and is also present on Facebook via the Lunch Club application. In an interview on Resumé tv, Electrolux’s global Director of Communications Lars-Göran Johansson reveals that the company has a staff of 20 people that work with online projects, including social media.

Johansson describes how Electrolux has experimented with adding photos of the main office building on Google Earth. He also said that half of the members of the executive board are now members of Facebook. So, you might wonder, what are the results of these initiatives. Well, according to Johansson, 7 out of 10 customers search for information online before a purchase and one goal of many of these features is to drive traffic to the site. Last year the traffic increased by some 70-80% which must be considered a great achievement, although social media probably is not the only reason behind the success.

I recommend that you keep a close eye on Electrolux for further good examples on how corporates can embrace social media.

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