NT up for award, but its RSS feed is a disaster

The Swedish media publication Medievärlden has nominated Norrköpings Tidningar (NT), Helsingborgs Dagblad and Aftonbladet.se to the award as Editorial Staff of the Year. NT, which is Sweden’s oldest newspaper, founded in 1758 and one of the world’s ten oldest newspapers, has been nominated for its multi-channel focus. A news editor, a tv editor and a web editor together decide what will be published on the paper’s different news channels.

– TV brings emotions, in the paper we give facts and on the web we have the speed, says Charli Nilsson at NT.

NT’s ambition to work across multiple platforms is worthy of praise, but the paper’s RSS feed is far from a success, to put it mildly. Once you click on a link, you get an error message telling you that the page has been moved (even if it is brand new) and that you need to click on a second link to find it. But that link doesn’t work either. All you get is a message that the article could not be found.


It’s a miracle that NT has even 5 subscribers to its feed on Bloglines. If the paper plans to continue to publish an RSS feed it needs to make it work properly.

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