Social networks a top news source for young people

WAN, the World Association of Newspapers, have published phase two of a research project about youth media behavior. The study, titled “Youth Media DNA” is a result of interviews with young people in 10 countries, among them Sweden.

Feedback from the respondents:

“…indicate that the importance of the social network as a disseminator of news and information is on the rise. Many participants in this phase listed “discussion with friends” as a top source for news and information, sometimes ranking higher than TV or newspapers. In particular, social networks appear to be key in spreading entertainment news for most young people.”

About user generated content, the study suggests:

“While most participants do not view video sharing sites like YouTube or blogs as credible first sources for news, many participants see them as channels for voicing opinion. In this sense, social networking and user-generated content sites can be seen as complements to their news and information experience.”

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