Sweden opens virtual embassy in Second Life

Sweden yesterday opened an embassy in the virtual world Second Life. The initiative to open a virtual embassy, first announced in January, has resulted in massive positive publicity around the world, although quite a few news outlets noticed that Sweden was beaten by the Maldives by one week. A quick search results in 130+ international articles the last week, so the 400,000 kronor that it cost to build the digital mansion was money well spent.

The Second House of Sweden, is a copy of the embassy building, House of Sweden, located in Washington, D.C. It was inaugurated yesterday by Sweden’s blogging Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who’s avatar had some trouble navigating during the ceremony.

“There’s a question of finding the place,” Bildt said, as he crashed the online version of himself into a tree.

Bildt also sent a friendly greeting to Sweden’s neighbours:

“I expect to be invited to the opening of the Norwegian embassy in a couple of decades.”

Footnote: Photos and more at Sweden.se.

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