Easy to be a twit on Twitter

We already knew that the hyped-up service Twitter is not the place for deep thoughts. This week, A-list blogger Steve Rubel learned the hard way that a moment of reflection doesn’t hurt before publishing your views to the world. Here’s what he wrote on Twitter a few days ago:

“PC Mag is another. I have a free sub but it goes in the trash,”

Not the best comment when you are a Senior Vice President of a PR agency that continuously pitches stories to the same publication. Jim Louderback, Editor in Chief of PC Magazine, wasn’t amused and he comments over at Strumpette.

Then one could argue that threatening to boycott Edelman PR all together is a huge overreaction, but Louderback indeed has some very good points.

“…I get a chance to remind everyone out there in PR that, even if you don’t read that copy of PC Magazine, please don’t toss it “in the trash”. Pass it along to someone who really wants it – or at the very least, be kind to the earth and drop it in the recycle bin instead.”

Rubel apologizes.

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