Sweden’s Minister for Trade brought down by blogger

“Den dagen bloggar fäller en riksdagsledamot eller minister är bloggen etablerad”. Johan Norberg, Bloggforum 2004.

“The day blogs bring down a member of the parliament (Riksdag) or a Minister, then the blog has become established”. Johan Norberg, Bloggforum 2004.

That day is today. Sweden’s new Minister for Trade, Maria Borelius, today resigned, after a series of negative articles that took off after a blogger, Magnus Ljungkvist, revealed some startling facts about her and her husband’s income during the 90’s. Borelius only lasted a record short period of 8 days as Minister.

Background to the story here and for example here.

Update: Aftonbladet gives Magnus the recognition he deserves. Expressen still pretend it’s their gig.

Magnus Ljungkvist blogg

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