MySpace reached 100 million users

The social networking site MySpace today reached one hundred million registered users. The milestone was reached today at 2.41 PM CET and the last few hours the site got about 70-80 new members per minute, according to my own observations.

I watched the site to see when the magic number would be reached, unfortunately the page of member #100,000,000 seems to be invalid:;=100000000

In April this year, Aber Whitcomb, chief technology officer of MySpace, predicted that the site would serve 100 million members in January 2007, a goal the site now reached 5 months earlier. According to Wikipedia, MySpace is the most popular website in the United States and is currently growing with 500,000 new users each week.

(I registered a page too, but only managed to come as near as 100 million as number 99999927)

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