Who’s calling who a fatty?

Not only the Swedish tabloids are fascinated by the story of “Gizmondo-Stefan” Eriksson and how he crashed his Ferrari Enzo. The story is top news on the Washington Post’s web edition this morning (free reg. required) and many tv networks are reporting on the case.

“The press has really blown this out of proportion,” his lawyer said.

Sure, but it is primarily Aftonbladet that persist in calling Eriksson “Tjock-Steffe” (Fat Steve), a name he probably hasn’t been called in 20 years. Aftonbladet has called him Tjock-Steffe 24 times since September, compared to Dagens Industri (7), Expressen (4) and Computer Sweden (4). Quite interesting, considering the recent debate in Aftonbladet and other papers over hockey player Per Ledin who called goalie Tommy Salo “a fatty”. Apparently it’s ok to call some people fat…