Cross your fingers that there will be no “office car model”

There’s an interesting article (not online) in Dagens Nyheter this morning about cities that “sprawl”, they grow and spread geographically as opposed to “increase in density”. These cities are wasting farm land and nature and the end result is a waste of time and natural resources. An ecological warning example is Houston, Texas where only 1 percent of the population use public transport, while the same figure for Stockholm is 54 percent, Lisboa 58 and Frankfurt 35. In the light of these thoughts, this wish for a new car model, “a sedan that’s specifically for people who work on the go”, looks all the more provoking.

“It could be like a luxurious mobile office with pull out desk space, web integration, a place to rest your cell phone, a built in digital notepad, the list goes on. Cars aren’t just for travel anymore. People live in their cars (just take a look at L.A.’s 405 at 5:30 – people become one with their car seat).”

Evidently there is a need for car manufacturers to keep up with the evolution of new gadgets and make it easier for consumers to use them also in the car. But the fact that there still is no “office car model” out there is a sign of hope, we’re not completely lost just yet. (Yes, I take the bus and subway to work, every day)

Note: I wasn’t really trying to argue against a wish for a car model like that. Instead, let’s say that was the symptom, not the disease.