Metro International made pretax loss of 5.2 MUSD

Metro International loses 5.2 million dollar in 2005, reports Dagens Media. This is an improvement compared to 2004 when the group lost 9.5 million dollar. Turnover increased by 19 per cent to about 360 million dollar.

And today Orvesto published their latest newspaper statistics for Sweden, which show that Dagens Nyheter is the only of the major paid dailies that increased its reach in 2005. DN is up 10,000 readers to 917,000 readers while Göteborgs-Posten (-3,000 to 574,000 readers), Svenska Dagbladet (-3,000 to 468,000), Dagens Industri (-17,000 to 417,000) and Sydsvenskan (-13,000 to 393,000) are all down compared to 2004.

The two tabloids Aftonbladet and Expressen are also seing declined reach. AB is down 32,000 to 1,412,000 readers and Expressen -3,000 to 1,184,000.

Free dailies Metro and City are up: Metro +276,000 to 1,380,000 and City is up 89,000 to 581,000 readers.

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