Ungrateful England kicks out fab coach

The FA fires England’s coach Sven-Göran Ericsson and “Svennis” will quit after this summer’s World Cup in Germany. In what can only be described as a furious media campaign to get Sven out of the country, English media finally reached their goal.

Well maybe England doesn’t deserve a coach like Sven. Sven-Göran Ericsson happens to be the most successful coach ever to head the English team. Eriksson achieved the most successful start of any England coach, including the legendary 5-1 victory away against Germany when England’s hopes of qualifying to the 2002 World Cup were close to nil.

Sven has the highest number of points per competetive game (2.30) and no other coach has managed to get 23 wins. He only needs four more points to get ahead of Bobby Robson who currently has most total points, but in 10 more games than Sven.

OK, who’s voting for a comeback for Kevin Keegan?

(Three points awarded for a win, one for a draw. Matches decided on a penalty shoot out are counted as a draw. PPG: Points Per Game. It is possible that Sven should have one more point for the penalty shoot out against Portugal in Euro 2004.)

Source: The FA 1 and 2.