Swedish daily launches the first video blog – and invites readers

The local daily Örnsköldsviks Allehanda is the first Swedish newspaper with a video blog, or vlog. Yesterday one of its reporters, 21-year old Liva Sandra Sverker who is currently working at ÖA’s printing house, launched the very first video blog at the paper’s web site.

– I think my video blog will be about anything. Everything that makes me mad, happy, sad or surprised will get a spot on my screen, she tells the paper.

But that’s not all. The paper invites readers to register for a space of their own, either for a regular blog or a video blog. And it’s all for free.

Swedish newspapers have not been as quick to introduce citizen journalism initiatives as for example their Norwegian counterparts. In fact, apart from Norrbottens-Kuriren, most of the initiatives have been about starting journalist blogs, but this is clearly a sign in the right direction.

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