Narnia walks out on WTO negotiations

A fake press release stating that the land of Narnia had walked out of WTO negotiations got picked up by financial news agency AFX and was published on several papers’ web sites. And you say that bloggers are bad at fact checking 😉

“HONG KONG (AFX) – The independent state of Narnia has walked out of trade negotiations here, citing pressure from the European Union and the US to enforce liberalization of its garment-related sector.

Narnian spokeswoman Susan Aslan said in a statement that delegates “were tired of bullying by EU and US delegations and would be returning immediately to their state capital at Cair Parvel.”

“If this brings the Hong Kong talks to the knees we will be delighted. Many other delegates told us they are sick of the eternal Lamy winter and are longing for a new trade spring,” Aslan said.

The walkout was a first in this round of talks, and follows a similar move by some developing country delegates at the Cancun summit two years ago, the statement said.”

Via Johan Norberg.