Metro goes online, and north

During 2006, international daily Metro will start online editions in most of the 19 countries in which it is being distributed, according to Resumé. The first online edition will be launched in Sweden later this spring and three people will be hired to run it.

– The web will be completely different from the paper, says Sakari Pitkänen, editor in chief of Metro Sweden.

Metro will also launch new paper editions in at least 7 cities in the north of Sweden, starting January 23rd, reports Journalisten. A recruitment company have advertised for 10 distributors in Piteå and 20 in Luleå. Piteå-Tidningen reports that Metro also will be distributed in Gävle, Skellefteå, Sundsvall, Umeå and Örnsköldsvik, but Pitkänen refuses to comment on the paper’s expansion plans.

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