Podcast pioneer got Curried away with wiki

How is your company or brand described in Wikipedia? You don’t know, do you? But it’s just a question of time before communicators learn more about wikis and realize that they are important as a source of information about a brand, service or product. As they do, inevitably someone will misuse it.

Podcasting pioneer and former MTV veejay Adam Curry wanted to improve his role in the development of podcasting by anonymously edit the entry on the early history of podcasting, and giving himself a larger part.

What he didn’t know was that revisions are tracked and the IP addresses are logged, so the Wikipedia editors soon found out that someone from an address controlled by Curry had made four major revisions and axed vital parts of the text.

Now it seems that this story has made it into the Wikipedia entry about – Adam Curry. That’s poetic justice.

Rogers Cadenhead has the story and PR blogger Jeremy Pepper comments.