Pascalidou-gate isn’t going away

In October, Metro columnist Alexandra Pascalidou was accused of plagiarising an article from L.A. Times by Daniel Hernandez. The two articles contained a number of similar quotes and parts, but Pascalidou denied any wrongdoing.

In an interview in Resumé, Metro’s chief editor Sakari Pitkänen was asked:

Will you talk to Pascalidou about this?
– I talk to my columnists every day.

Then nothing. A month later, her column started to appear in Metro again as if nothing had happened. This Tuesday, a second column was published. But when reading the comments to the articles we see that the plagiarism story still haunts Pascalidou.

“Den största klappen du kan få Alexandra är förmodligen vår glömska. Med hjälp av Sakari har ni snart lyckats tiga ihjäl en skandal!”

“Alltså förlåt mig – Jag har alltid läst dina krönikor, men sedan plagiat-skandalen tror jag inte på ditt engagemang.”

It’s not going away. Metro needs to deal with it.