Volvo site got 1 million visitors from blog ads

More money find its way into the blogosphere. According to Charlene Li, analyst at Forrester Research, businesses are spending $50 million to $100 million this year on blog advertising and marketing.

And advertising on blogs is effective. I recently wrote about Audi’s blog campaign, and in the New York Times, Volvo claims to have received one million visitors to its web page via blog advertising.

“Last spring, Volvo spent several million dollars to sponsor Microsoft’s MSN Spaces, a site that offers free Web logs and personal pages. The blog investment was worth it, said Anna Papadopoulos, the interactive media director at Euro RSCG 4D, a division of Havas that is running Volvo’s Web log campaign. Since April, about five million pages have been set up by individuals, and a million people have visited Volvo’s home page directly from the blog site, she said.”