Aftonbladet produces junk science

Aftonbladet has an article online today about the “fact” that the new Swedish party Junilistan (“the June list”) is supported by 18 per cent of the voters. All major Swedish media report on this story today. Svenska Dagbladet’s new business site N24 reports that “18% wants to vote for Junilistan”.

The poll made last night by Sifo and Aftonbladet is nothing short of junk science. It has no relevance as to what people would actually vote for. Voters have several alternatives they are considering and many people might want to evaluate a new party before they rule out the possibility of voting for it. Hence the large number of voters that might consider voting for these parties. Aftonbladet escapes direct lies by saying that there is great support for Junilistan, while N24’s claim that 18% wants to vote for Junilistan is embarrassingly incorrect.

If the poll follows the same structure as the Sifo poll from last month, then the right wing parties are not even included as an alternative. Is it perhaps possible that the inclusion of right wing parties in the survey would alter the results? I believe so.

In the same poll, 9 per cent would consider voting for a party that doesn’t even yet exist, namely Sjukv√•rdspartiet (“the medical care party”). This is pure nonsense and will in no way reflect behavior on voting day. I bet Spongebob Squarepants would get 10 per cent if he had a party in the survey (I know, it’s a metaphor I’ve used before, but I couldn’t help myself…).

This is media making up news that aren’t news. Please stop.

[Edit: Link removed]

Update: Aftonbladet’s Helle Klein refers to the poll with the same vague statements that lead readers to believe that this is actual votes.

“I see that Junilistan gets 18 per cent in a new Sifo survey”.