Top 10 Nordic media RSS feeds

Norway and Sweden seems to be adopting RSS feeds as a way of consuming media to a greater extent than Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Norwegian IT-Avisen is the medium in the Nordic region with most subscribers to its RSS feeds, according to my unscientific mini-study. I’ve been keeping a close eye on how the subscriber base for media RSS feeds in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland is developing and the numbers are growing steadily with some feeds increasing the number of subscribers with more than 50% in just 6 weeks (SR Ekot), based on number of Bloglines subscribers.

Top 10 Nordic media RSS feeds 28 Feb 2005, in terms of numbers of Bloglines subscribers.

1. IT-avisen (N) 157
2. Dagens Nyheter (S) 153
3. (N) 151
4. Dagens Nyheter “latest news” (S) 134
5. Ny Teknik (S) 133
6. Computer Sweden (S) 118
7. Internetworld (S) 93
8. SR Ekot (S) 84
9. VG “latest news” (N) 83
10. Dagbladet “latest news”(N) 71

If anyone has information about media RSS feeds that have more subscribers please let me know.