Get the first track back

There has been an intense debate in Sweden the last few days regarding a dawn raid against an internet service provider. The ISP had four servers in their office which allegedly had hundreds of thousands of illegal files available for downloading. Well, I have another question regarding measures to stop illegal file sharing, namely copy protection. Can a CD with copy control fail to play correctly in some CD players? I have experienced that my CD player cannot play the first track of some of my new albums, for example R.Kelly’s “Happy People” and Christian Walz’ “Paint By Numbers”. I even went back to the store with Walz’ record and got a new copy – same problem with that one. And they work ok when I play them on my car stereo, so something on these CDs is making my CD player go nuts.

Twice can be a coincidence but three times is a pattern. So does this have something to do with copy control? I read somewhere that some techniques include adding information in the beginning of the CD that ordinary CD players ignore but makes it able to control how it is being used on a computer. Can this cause my player to get stuck? I don’t know.

Both examples of albums above are from the BMG label so I went to their site to seek answers but scored zilch. I even wrote them an email asking for advice, but no reply. So now I’m asking the blogosphere. Any advice? To me this seems like I’ve been sold flawed goods.

Footnote: My CD player is a Denon DCM-360, which should have quality enough to play any CDs.