Things that should be RSS enabled in 2005

The new prime minister of Ukraine Viktor Yushenko has a blog-like personal site which is enabled with an RSS feed. (English version here, and RSS). Yet again we see that the former proud IT nation Sweden is beaten back to the stone age by less developed but more clever nations. Sigh.

OK Sweden, let’s pull our act together. Things that should be RSS enabled in 2005:

From the parliament/Riksdag:

* Minutes from debates in the parliament – It would increase the transparency and the interest from ordinary citizens in different political topics.

* Press releases

* Calendar of the parliament

From the Swedish National Labour Market Administration (AMV)

* Platsbanken – the web site with vacant jobs


* – movie premieres based on my choice of location

E-commerce stuff:

* – RSS for different categories

* – houses for sale based on my preferences


* Press rooms (like this one) [disclosure: this is my employer]

I’m sure I can think of a hundred more, but that’s about enough of free lunches.