Second blogger to bite the dust

Dagens Nyheter today writes that liberal debater Johnny Munkhammar will lose his job for blogging about topics that are not in line with the vision of his employer the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv).

– He hasn’t always had the same opinion as Svenskt Näringsliv, and it can be hard to separate when he speaks as a private person and when he speaks for us. Our mission is to represent the views of our member companies, says Inger Holmström, head of communications at Svenskt Näringsliv.

Just about a week ago we had the incident with journalist Per Gudmundson who was told to quit blogging and now this. What does that tell us about blogging in Sweden? I’m not sure yet. But clearly some bloggers should be nervous. Is your blog officially approved by your organization or is it clearly a private matter? If you don’t have a clear answer to this question you should arrange for a meeting with your boss today.

The article is not online yet. Munkhammar says he will keep his blog.

Footnote: Bloggers saw this coming last week.