“Timbro just nu” #3

In my Timbro=Svenska Dagbladet series, today we can read in the blog “PJ Just nu” about Pro Veritas and their attempts to debunk Fahrenheit 9/11. PJ Anders Linder writes:

“A few happy lads have started the network Pro Veritas, with the purpose of spreading knowledge about all the factual errors and fabrications in Michael Moore’s propagandafilm Fahrenheit 9/11. Today there are Pro Veritas-people available with information at a dozen cinemas around the country. It is praiseworthy that at least someone cares.”

Well, I wrote a few days ago about the people behind Pro Veritas and they’re not just happy lads. Anton Andreasson points out that one of the founders is employed at, you got it, Timbro. Pro Veritas is also supported by Timbro’s Johan Norberg who you by now realize is pretty much everywhere when the libertarian cause is debated.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Happy lads with a libertarian agenda and great connections with Svenska Dagbladet.