High on “High”

One of the greatest bands on the planet is back with a new album after 8 years. No, I don’t mean Europe. I’m talking about Scottish lo fi heroes the Blue Nile who are back with a new album called High. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The Blue Nile has been one of my favourite bands since their debut album A Walk Across The Rooftops was released in 1984, courtesy of hi-fi company Linn Electronics (!). They’re the perfect band (I imagine) when you’ve been dumped by your girl and have to walk home alone through Glasgow in the rain.

If you haven’t discovered this lovely melancholic band, who bring out new albums at glacial speed – only 4 albums in 20 years, let me recommend some songs. Here’s my top five:

1. Downtown lights (Hats)

2. Tinseltown in the rain (A Walk Across The Rooftops)

3. Wish me well (b-side on Happiness CD single 2)

4. Heatwave (A Walk Across The Rooftops)

5. From a late night train (Hats)