Dagens Nyheter subject of anti-semitism accusations

Dagens Nyheter is currently the target of a campaign from an organization “dedicated to fighting anti-Israel “bias” in the media”, because of a controversial cartoon by Hans Lindström published last Saturday. An organization called HonestReporting is urging its members to send protests to Dagens Nyheter’s reader ombudsman (it would be interesting to hear how many emails she has recieved). The story has been noticed by Andrew Sullivan and several others.

The Guardian recieved the same treatment in 2001, and you can read the paper’s response here.

How is a person supposed to know what is true or not, these days? The so called media watchdog HonestReporting has gotten another watchdog watching the watchdog, namely HonestReporting.org. I must admit I haven’t had time to read all the contents on these web sites, but HonestReporting.org claims that HonestReporting.com might not be that honest after all. Are you still following…?

I’m so not going to get in the middle of this, but I can understand that the cartoon above resulted in a protest storm, and I shudder at the thought of reactions to this one from the same cartoonist (UPDATE: There is now a different cartoon if you follow this link).

UPDATE: Dagens Nyheters reader ombudsman did actually receive a huge number of emails regarding the cartoon. Her respons here (in Swedish).