Swedes: “What is a blog?”

Web surveys on media web sites are just about as unscientific as you can get, but they can still serve as an indication. The Swedish arm of IT publishing house IDG has a web survey on its web site idg.se and asks readers about blogs.

“Do you use blogs at your company?”

69.5% What’s a blog?

6.2% We don’t know if we’re blogging or not.

11.2% We have looked at it but decided it’s not for us.

1.3% We are blogging, but are sceptical.

2.3% We are blogging and like it.

1.6% We have stopped blogging.

7.8% I have a private blog, but don’t know anything about corporate blogs.

Number of responses: 1059

I don’t want to read too much into the figures (if I would, then about 50 respondents either have a corporate blog or used to have, and I just don’t buy that. To my knowledge, there are just a few Swedish corporate blogs to date, like JKL blog and WPR.) But it is fascinating that such a high percentage answers “What is a blog?”. The readers of idg.se should be among the most tech savvy audiences out there.